Low Cost Shower Enclosures

The low cost shower enclosures is the epitome of style, innovation and quality. A sophisticated frame design and urban styled Stainless Steel hardware combine. 5 times tempered technology ensure safety of glass and explosion-proof brane offers well protection to consumers.
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Product Details

Brief Introduction

Brand Name


Product Name

Low cost shower enclosures

Model No.

Dynamic R22


Square and other customized


Stainless Steel with aluminum inside profile with temper glass


Chrome/golden/ polished frame with clear or frosted glass

Technical Advantages
-Luxury Stainless Steel Accessories. 
-Adjustable installation is one of greatest characteristics of Low cost shower enclosures. Solving installation problems caused by errors in the process of installation. Adjustable installation mainly displays in: correcting the wall error by the adjustable wall aluminum structure design; wall damp, hinge, rod hole position adjustment. The cassette adjustment function in the pulley can not only solve the problem of smooth movement, at the same time by adjusting the screw clamping effective prevent pulley derailment in movement .It reaches the aim of safe running.

Why choose us?

1. Over 10 years of experience in exporting business of Low cost shower enclosures to European and Asia pacific countries.

2. Product innovation is the key to the development of our enterprise.

3. Systematic management applied when our company started.

4. Excellent export sales team respond customers quickly and on time delivery. 

5. Manufacturing capacity up to 20,000pcs per month ensure goods delivery on time.

6. Well equipped with modern test machines insuring reliability and endurance of products.

7. Skilled engineers and workers serve standing by working days.

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