Affordable Shower Enclosures

The affordable shower enclosures are the epitome of style, innovation and quality. A sophisticated frame design and urban styled Stainless Steel hardware combine. 5 times tempered technology ensure safety of glass and explosion-proof brane offers well protection to consumers.
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Product Details

Brief Introduction

Brand Name


Product Name

affordable shower enclosures

Model No.

Future P22




Stainless Steel profile with tempered   glass


Chrome/golden/ polished frame with   clear or frosted glass


JZC affordable shower enclosures is highly harmonious, simple, stable and esthetic. We design the bathroom as an individual space and form special atmosphere for the living space, with much more elegance and sincerity by any shapes of shower enclosure. This is what the modern citizens pursue in the world flooded with high quality products everywhere. We offer square, pentagonal, quadrant and other models of high quality affordable shower enclosures.

Technical Advantages:

1. High strength and good safety of our stainless steel and aluminum profile.

2. Glass is with good thermal-resistance being available to certain change of temperature.

3. Good performance of anti-pollution being cleaned easily.

4. Clear and transparent with explosion-proof brane.

5. Good aging-resistance keeping transparent for long period.

6. High quality pulley, plastic parts good fitting profile and glass.

7. The cutting plane without exist stratification or cutting burr.

8. Crack, damage and peel are not allowed.

9. The drain horse with no leakage.

10. The surface of shower enclosure is smoothly polished. 

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