Shower Door 8mm Glass

Shower door 8mm glass is made of good quality stainless steel and explosion-proof tempered glass. We use best quality parts like mute pulley, stainless steel handle and other plastic parts with guarantee of 10 years. JZC focus in providing best quality of shower doors to customers.
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Product Details

Brief Introduction

Brand Name


Product Name

shower door 8mm glass

Model No.

Future S3


1200-1500*1900-2200mm or  customized

Profile Material

SUS304 with 1.0mm thickness


Clear or frosted tempered glass in   6,8,10 mm

Material Introduction

 Shower door 8mm glass is 1200*2000mm in standard size but we can take OEM orders thus any size is available for us. It’s suitable for luxury bathroom in villa, department and hotel. We can design size and model to match needs of our customers’ market in both retails and construction project. The glass use in shower door is with high technology processed and tempered in 6, 8 and 10mm. And you can cover with explosion-proof brane.

Product Advantage

Shower door 8mm glass USES 5 heavy safety explosion-proof glass to prevent potential damage caused by accidental explosion. Shower door 8mm glass frame is made of 304 stainless steel with thickness of 1mm and strong bearing capacity. The frame surface USES 8K mirror polishing technology. Use silent wheel in orbit, smooth and safe mute noise when moving. Carefully selected tape and door suction effectively prevent water droplets from splashing out, effectively separating dry and wet areas. High quality explosion - proof membrane is effective to prevent self - explosion of glass.


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