Popular Villadom Shower Cubicle

Popular Villadom Shower Cubicle is exclusive use for hotel. We are absorbed in offering excellent quality and good efficiency service. The point of it is reasonable price.
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The most used Shower door is glass door, there are ten thousand times of opening and closing a year, which has high requirements for bearing capacity and wear resistance of bearing glass for glass door. 

The side columns, load-bearing rods and bearings of this product are all made of 304# stainless steel. They play a very good role in ensuring the safety, durability and wear resistance of the shower room!

304# stainless steel hand: high quality 304# stainless steel hand, fashion classic design, beautiful and generous.

Explosion-proof film: a layer of explosion-proof film is attached to the surface of the glass to protect the health of the body and improve the safety.

304# stainless steel rotating shaft material: rotating shaft after 100 thousand turn to the east door opening and closing test, safe and stable sliding smooth, not easy to corrosion, mute wear-resistant, long service life.

Sealant strip: the micro magnetic design of the opening door, the new environmental protection PVC material, good heat resistance and cold resistance, anti aging, excellent oxidation performance.

Water retaining strip: the use of soft and hard co extrusion of a molding technology, a new type of environmental protection PVC material, low temperature, high temperature, with super water retaining capacity.

This is global popular villadom stainless steel glass shower cubicle.


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