What Is The Shower Room Production Process?What Shower Room Material Is Good?

59 # copper is the best hardness and flexibility of a bearing capacity of strong, despite the high cost but can guarantee the performance and service life of the shower room, long-term use will not appear the surface black spots, foaming, delamination and so on . 304 stainless steel stainless steel as the best stainless steel materials, after processing, to achieve the mirror effect, with a strong metallic texture.

JZC 304 # stainless steel glass shower room

What are the shower hardware accessories ?

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Shower room pulley diversified product portfolio, large selectivity, to meet the mute, rust, high stress and other requirements.

Component categories: eccentric PXL, bouncing round TTL, swinging wheel BDL, pendulum double DBSL, bouncing round TTSL, drum waist YGL, drum drum YGSL; single, double, four wheel hanging, mandarin duck hanging. Natural stone is not too high, has been paving the shower room floor tiles, artificial stone once formed, there is no seams, it is not easy to residual debris, but relatively high, suitable for rough decoration.

Second, the need to make glass, aluminum and other single process

1. Glass: the use of high-quality tempered glass, the original piece of glass CSG, is an automotive-grade tempered glass grade, tempered glass broken, 50mm * 50mm within the number of particles 40-200, the angle For the obtuse angle, no sharp edges and corners, impact resistance is more than 5 times normal work. By the Ministry of freight packaged shower room sent around the world.

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