What Are The Key Benefits Sliding Doors Offer Over Hinged?

Sliding doors require less valuable space than hinged doors and when operated produce far less air disturbance. This makes them ideal for controlled environments like hospitals or clean rooms where infection control is a priority.

Sliding doors simply cut through the air causing minimal disturbance in clean room environments, whereas hinged doors disrupt the airflow each time they are opened. This uncontrolled air can accelerate the spread of airborne micro-organisms by air currents and may infect susceptible hosts in operating theatres or result in cross contamination in clean rooms.

A Sliding Door:

o Creates 70% less air disturbance than hinged doors

o Reduces the spread of micro-organisms

o Is safer, provides convenient access for high traffic areas

o Generates extra floor space: on average 10-15%

o A better solution for those with limited space

o Eliminates the chance of a door being opened into someone.