Types Of Shower Door Glass

Obviously, everyone knows shower doors are almost always made of glass. But this doesn’t mean they’re all the same. The type of finish is very important when determining the type, design and style.

For example, clear glass is the most popular and often encountered in traditional showers. Clear glass shower doors let light pass through and they’re often a strategic choice from this point of view.

Frosted glass has a very distinctive texture. It has a smooth and soft appearance and usually used for shower doors to provide privacy. Frosted glass in available in a variety of colors and can even feature a series of designs and patterns.

Rain glass shower doors are only textured on one side, leaving the other smooth. They have a unique decorative appearance given by the patterns of crystal rain. Plus, it also provides privacy, just like frosted glass and obscures fingerprints and watermarks.

Tinted glass comes in a variety of tones such as bronze, gray or even black. It can be slightly opaque as well as dark. The darker tones offer privacy and obstruct the light and the lighter and earthy tints complement the color palette of the bathroom.

Hammered glass is textures and presents indentations on one side. The reason why it’s called like that is because these indentations are meant to resemble hammered metal. This gives the shower door a decorative texture that allows light to create all sorts of interesting visual effects.