The Shower Room Boss Tell You, Choose This Several Kinds Of Shower Room, Absolutely No Wrong

Now more and more families hope to have an independent space to take a shower.A corner shower room makes full use of space, will divide range clearly,form a relatively independent space to take a shower.

The recess shower door

Apply to:Long and narrow space,shower area is just for a wall or in a corner.About one half of family will choose this style,for the competive price and no need to buy a base tray.


Our J-series are in 304 SS,both waterproof and anti-corrosion.


The rectangular shower room

Apply to:The rectangular space that is enough for a shower.Compared to other style, it is more convenient to clean.


Our D-series are with German seamless mirror hinges and hidden screw design.


The pentagonal shower room

Apply to:It takes up a corner space,both comfortable and also convenient to set aside the outer space.


Our F-series could be different color and various style that changes the bathroom for you.


④The quadrant shower room

Apply to:This style is fashion and changeful.The area can be small and large, applying to different space.


Our M-series are with bouncing double pulleys.It must be effective and visually appealing.