The Quality Testing

On the basis of The Product Quality Law Of The People's Republic Of China,Product Quality Supervision And Sample Management Method,The Product Quality Law Of The Guangdong Province,recently Guangdong Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision make a sample check about the shower room and the gas stove.


The quality testing checks 130 batches of shower rooms produced by 86 enterprises in Guangdong province.It finds 5 batches of products produced by 4 enterprises were unqualified.

The detection rate of unqualified products is 3.8%.The unqualified project involves only the structure and assembly quality of the shower room.

The spot check of 86 enterprises (130 batches),including 6 large enterprises (12 batches), 2 medium-sized enterprises (4 batches), 78 small enterprises (114 batches).The 4 disqualified products produced by the sampling inspection are small enterprises, and the detection rate of the disqualified products of small enterprises is 4.4%.