The Concept, Classification And Advantages Of Shower Room

Name: shower room

Function: to form an independent bath space in the shower room

Materials: toughened glass, pulley, aluminum, sprinkler etc.


Whole shower room and simple shower room according to the functions; according to style corner shower room, shower screen, cross shaped shower room, bath screen; according to the chassis shape square, circular, fan-shaped, diamond shaped shower room; the door according to the structure of sliding door, folding door, shower room door.

The overall shower room function is more, the price is higher, generally can not be customized. The whole shower room with steam function is also called the steam room. The heart disease, the hypertensive patients and the children can't use the steam room separately. Compared with the whole shower room, shower without the "roof", rich in style, its basic structure is a bottom basin or artificial stone sill or natural stone sill, pan texture ceramics, acrylic, artificial stone, sill or pan installed on the plastic or glass shower room, glass door ordinary glass, toughened glass, high ripple glass and wove glass and other materials.

The shower room industry is a new industry developed by integrated innovation of water faucet, flower and related electrical equipment in the field of building hardware. In the background of acceleration of urbanization and the upgrading of residents' consumption, the market of shower room will face a wider prospect in the future.


1, can be divided into separate bath space. Most of the residential toilets and toilets are together, JZC shower room is a more reasonable choice. This can create a relatively independent bath space to avoid mutual influence and facilitate daily life.

2, save space. Some family toilets have little space to press the bathtub, and the shower room can save a lot of space.

3, with a shower room, with a shower shower, the water will not splash out and wet the floor of the whole toilet.

4, in winter, the use of shower room can also play the role of thermal insulation. Water vapor in a small space, the heat can not quickly lose, make people feel very warm. And if the bathroom is large and there is no shower room, even if there is heating, it often feels cold.

5, the shape of the shower room is rich, colorful, in addition to the function of bath, itself is a good ornament.


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