Shower Room Market Will Reach A CAGR Of 8% Before 2020

Orbis Research Institute thinks that shower room market will reach a CAGR of 8% before 2020.


It’s predicted that the trend of urbanization and the rise of house decoration industry will have a positive influence to shower room market. The purpose of the usage of shower rooms is to depart the dry part from the wet part in a bathroom.


The market research analyst of EMEAOrbis suggested that America will be the fastest growing market in the forecast period. And glass will capture the biggest percentage of the shower room material.


The competitive landscape and main suppliers of the global shower room market is highly dispersed and competitive. However, it’s predicted that large-scale suppliers will face fierce competition.


In China, shower enclosure market grows up at an average 20%-25%. According to the experts, shower cabin products will take up 80% in the bathroom decorating of real estate projects, star-rated hotels.