Shower And Tub Enclosure Education

1) Framed/Frameless Enclosure

 A framed Shower Enclosure has aluminum framing around the perimeter of all the glass. The glass thickness standard for a framed enclosure is 3/16" but can be upgraded to 1/4". Insight Glass offers Cardinal Shower enclosures for our framed units - High quality enclosures built strong to last.

A frameless Shower Enclosure (also called a Heavy Glass shower), has glass thickness of 3/8" to 1/2". Because the glass is so thick and sturdy, it does not require the framing support of thinner glass. A frameless enclosure is installed with either U-Channel or Clips (see photos below). It is a personal preference on deciding between U-Channel and Clips, however, U-Channel is the preferred installation method when the walls are not plumb (out conditions) as clips will leave gaps.

2There are many Shower Enclosure Configurations available and Insight can design any custom configuration but the more common configurations are:


Many times, the door with inline panel and the 90 degree corner shower have a notched panel that sits on a buttress. The project managers at Insight Glass will be more than happy to guide you through the process of designing your dream shower.

3) Glass Type

All shower glass is tempered for safety reasons so if you have the misfortune of breaking the glass, you will have a million tiny pieces instead of some large, dangerous slivers. Clear glass is by far the most popular but some fairly common options include Rain and obscure .

Clear glass has a slightly green tint that becomes a little more pronounced as the glass gets thicker. The edges of clear glass also have a green cast that becomes darker as the glass becomes thicker or larger. If a dark green or blackish edge color is undesirable, Starphire glass, which has a jewel-like blue edge, may be more to your liking. While the glass edge color may not be hugely important to you, we at Insight Glass like to educate our customers to avoid any surprises.