Self-explosive Into The Industry Short Board Glue Shower Room Into A Trend

As a result of broken glass, debris will break into uniform small particles and no ordinary glass knife-like angle, which is known as safety glass is widely used in automobiles, interior decoration, curtain wall, building materials, electronic instrumentation and special industries. Among them, the application of tempered glass in the field of shower room is classic, but there are no lack of good manufacturers in the market, which results in good quality of tempered glass. For ordinary consumers, the use of glass is related to the safety of its immediate interests, and understanding of knowledge related to it is particularly important.

Toughened glass 1 per thousand to 3 per thousand of the system, so that many consumers to the shower room, in fact, this worry is not superfluous, although the tempered glass through a special process, even if the accident is broken will only become granular, but the glass from the explosion will let consumers fear.

Like the National Ministry of Construction curtain wall doors and Windows Standardization Technical Committee expert Group leader Longwenzhi said, the uncontrollable explosion is tempered glass suffering from the disease, to complete radical cure, it is not easy. According to Prof. Lung, the tempered glass self explosion is caused by the defects in the glasses, such as stone, sand grains, bubbles, inclusions, notches, scratches, explosions, and so on; second, by the glass of nickel sulfide impurities and heterogeneous particles caused by the tempered glass explosion.

There are several ways to improve the safety factor of tempered glass:

The degree of tempering determines the quality of fully tempered glass for superior

Tempered Glass is the normal annealing glasses first cut into the required size, and then heated to a close softening point, and then the rapid and uniform cooling. Tempered glass surface formation of uniform pressure, and internal tension, so that the performance of the glass can be significantly improved, tensile strength is ordinary glass more than 3 times times, impact resistance is ordinary glass more than 5 times times.

The tempered glass of the shower room is more between the 6~8mm, and the perfect tempered glass is superior, and the quality is not directly related to the thickness. Many small factories even use a half tempered glass or a hot bend. These glass-made shower rooms are susceptible to external factors and pose a safety hazard.

According to the director of Lebouton Sanitary Ware Technology Department, the quality of the original film and tempering process determine the tempered glass, Lebouton company adopted the domestic top glass, by Foshan Jin Yaohua tempering plant, to achieve BMW, Audi level safety standards.

Anti-radiation of glass explosion-proof foil

Film, by a special material--pet composition, the durability of this material, strong resistance to moisture, high, low temperature, after the respective processing of different processes, can be a different performance of the film products, Anti-ultraviolet, explosion-proof, radiation and so on. Glass foil is usually a single layer or multi-layer pet sandwich synthesis, Qingdao, a film industry company's technical personnel revealed that a good film, mezzanine can even reach 7-11 floors.

In the field of construction, used for commercial buildings and other types of outdoor building glass film, can effectively reduce light pollution, publicity company logo, place commercial advertising, to protect the safety of high-altitude glass, radiation protection, etc. in the field of home, can play a green and energy-saving, landscaping home, noise, reduce ultraviolet damage, explosion-proof, privacy protection and other functions; In the automotive field, suitable for side windows and front and rear windshield, can be effective sunscreen insulation, explosion-proof anti-theft, privacy protection.

Surface sticking film is also a shower room enterprises to solve the problem of self explosion of tempered glass, explosion-proof film can further reduce the safety risk, but the aesthetic degree has a certain impact, after long-term use, the film easy to blister effect of the use of effects.

Safety and safety of plastic-clip glass

China's first plastic clamp glass has completely solved the problem of self explosion in the shower room tempered glass, which is another milestone in the development of shower room industry. Plastic glass shower room has been occupying the shower room high-end market, with the partial shower room brand promotion of this new product, plastic glass shower room also began to walk under the altar, become more and more popular. So, what is the glue glass, it in the shower room application will bring to the consumer?

Sandwiched Glass is two or several pieces of float glass sandwiched between the strong PVB plastic film, through hot press consolidation as far as possible out of the middle air, and then into the high-pressure steam kettle using high temperature and pressure to dissolve the remaining small amount of air into the film. In order to facilitate customers and designers higher requirements, can provide a variety of PVB film for customers to choose. Commonly used PVB film thickness 0.38mm, 0.76mm, 1.14mm, 1.52mm, wet-way potting method is suitable for the curved tempered glass plastic clamp.