Interpretation Shower Room Industry Future Development Trend

The key performance factor consumers consider when choosing a shower is safety and ease of cleaning. Safety is the basic human protection, which is all shower room products must be done, and in the use of the shower room, it brings people experience is also very important, who do not want to wash clothes every day like to wash the shower Room, so easy to clean shower glass performance, non-staining, anti-yellowing performance is also crucial. The safety of glass is every shower room business, every shower room products must be done, which is the fundamental protection of consumer safety, the current mainstream shower room with tempered glass, tempered glass impact resistance is ordinary glass 5 times, but tempered glass blew possible, although the blew ratio of 1/1000, but for individual consumers, if blew that is 100%, so we can see that the safety of the glass is also the consumer protection needs.

From this, we can see that the future of the shower room consumer market will return to the essence - safe and easy to clean consumers will choose shower room products, the core standards and consumer trends, who can be both safe and easy to clean Shower room products, who is to become the industry standard and leader. Many small shower room business enterprises and the birth of the market maturity and consumer specialization, the shower room industry has brought unprecedented challenges and opportunities, many shower room companies have realized that consumer specialization will inevitably result in higher safety shower room products The introduction of new technologies and new processes, including the traditional laminated glass process (laminated glass has been widely used in windows, ships, bank glass, etc.), the introduction of laminated glass shower room, laminated glass shower Although the room to ensure the safety, but easy to stained shower glass, difficult to clean, easy to yellow glass and other issues have not been resolved.

In order to meet consumers' core demand for safety and easy cleaning of shower glass, triple shower glass combines the advantages of easy-to-clean glass, laminated glass and toughened glass on the market and makes up for each other's deficiencies. It is currently safe , Easy to clean the shower room, both to protect the safety of consumers, but also enhance consumers in the use of shower room process of relaxed, comfortable experience.

Shower room industry trends

(A) People's concept of consumer spending on the shower room and consumer groups are changing

Shower products from the pursuit of luxury bathroom products in the past (massage bathtub, steam room) into practical needs. Consumers in the use of the process requires fast, water-saving, time-saving and space-saving. So in recent years, popular shower room products, more and more families into the luxury suites, five-star hotel or ordinary suites, civilian families. Shower products with an average rate of 20% to 25% in increasing. This gives us a lot of space for the shower room market. According to statistics, the existing real estate projects in the bathroom package, as well as the new star hotel, shower room products accounted for more than 80%.

(B) the new growth point in the vast rural areas and second-tier cities

As the state calls for the process of rural urbanization, more and more peasants will become urban residents. Appropriate shower room will be their important choice. Their spending power will gradually emerge. Improving the living environment and improving the quality of life are becoming the urgent needs of urban residents. Therefore, the shower room manufacturers may wish to target market positioning in second-tier cities and vast rural areas, where there is a lot of work.

(C) strengthen product support, provide quality service

Customer spending concept is to "one-stop" shower room supporting the direction of change. Therefore, if it is still the same as before, alone shower room single product, can not be aloof from the body, can not stand a long-term. Manufacturers can communicate with each other, powerful combination. Manufacturers must strengthen the depth and horizontal support, with a one-stop service to attract customers.

(D) product development

1. High-end product development. For some high-end customers, develop high-end products to meet the high-end needs.

2. For rural and ordinary family shower room, designed to provide marketable simple type of products to meet the needs of ordinary families, the fitness room.

3 non-standard flexible, shower room to be suitable for a wide range of apartment layout, almost all of the shower room now, including engineering orders are non-standard custom.

(E) shower room products in line with the state's industrial policy

Shower products are the necessities of people's lives. Energy saving, water saving, environmental protection advantages, in line with the trend, become a necessity for people's lives. At the same time in line with the state's industrial policy, should be vigorously developed to meet market demand.


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