Ideas For Maintaining Your Shower Room

Keeping clean is a key factor for a longer lifespan of a shower room, therefore, it is necessary to clean your shower room every week.


Here are some tips for you:


Tempered glass: Glass is a main part of a shower room, whether it is clean or not could influence its beauty. The long-term corrosion of alkaline shampoo and shower gels will make glass yellow. The yellow is what we called scale deposit. To deal with it, you just need to spray dedicated glass cleaner over the glass and then wipe it with a dry cloth. Do not use corrosive liquid, or the surface gloss will be damaged; do not use rough material to clean the glass surface, or there may be scratches.


Stainless Steel Frame and handle: Although 304# stainless steel is good in quality, we still need to maintain it regularly. First, keep it out of direct sunlight, or it will fade; second, do not use corrosive liquid and rough cloth to clean; third, be tender when open and close the door.


Pulley: Pulley is frequently used so that it is easily broken. Bad pulleys not only influence the quality of a shower, but even affect our mood. Therefore, regular check for pulleys, sliding blocks and rails is necessary. Add lubricant to pulleys regularly to ensure their smoothness. In addition, adjusting screw is also important for door’s moving.


These are some methods to maintain a shower room. Hope they can help you!