How To Choose A Shower Room For Safety?

And now, everyone to better dry and wet separation, so the independent shower room should pay special attention to the following:

1. The quality of the product. Although the official product of qualified products, not necessarily quality, but even if the official statements are not qualified products, then 100 percent do not consider. So some three no products must be rejected. What is not so cheap, what a variety of flags, as long as it is three, and the price is not cheap. Otherwise, you regret it. At the very least, a product with detailed manufacturer, name and address and a certificate of qualification should be marked.

2. Color and modeling, this is mainly based on the designer's advice to you, the overall design of a design to choose. What kind of color, what kind of form, how the sense of penetration is. In order to take the bath into consideration, there may be some people in the shower room at home, so this kind of transparent type is certainly not possible. How high the decorative requirements are, these must be selected in combination with the overall plan.

3. Mainly from the quality material selection. Generally, it is mainly tempered glass, and the quality of this kind of material is very different. Therefore, we must carefully look at whether there is a hidden pattern, and whether to provide the standard of steel. The above must be provided. One should pay attention to the surface treatment, the following reference "shower room frame with Aluminum Alloy production, the surface oxidation of sandblast treatment, not rot, not rust. The thickness of the main frame aluminum alloy is better than 1.2mm, and the door is not easy to deform.


4. Parts, to know the main body is good, if the accessories are not good, then the probability of the problem is very large, it will cause inconvenience to our use. For these things that do not understand, you can try to use, switch doors, and so on, to see whether the frame combination is firm, the sliding closure of the door is convenient and light. For some reinforcement, we need to see whether the screws are complete, whether they are lacking, whether they are stainless steel, and pay attention to those things that are often at a high humidity or even high temperature.

5. Choose the shower room chassis. If there are old people or children in the home, then the high pot with a cylinder may be more convenient for some people to sit. But it's a bit of trouble when you get sanitary. And the price will be higher than the lower basin. It is necessary to pay attention to any kind, to pay attention, the artificial stone fastness is the best, and the dirt cleaning is convenient. At the same time, it should be checked whether the water has the function of filtering and deodorizing.

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