Often, bathrooms have tons of reflective surfaces, but even your gleaming mirrors and metallic plumbing fixtures can start looking even brighter with a great combination of paint colors and light fixtures. If you want to brighten up your bathroom and bring a fresh, clean feel into the room, it’s easy to combine a light paint color with effective lighting. Whether you choose new light fixtures for your bathroom or you use what you already have in combination with a fresh coat of paint, this simple makeover process will make the room shine brightly.



Before you make any changes, take a look at your bathroom. What are the main reasons it currently looks dark? Is the window obscured by heavy curtains that you could replace with sheers or diaphanous shades? Are the lights not designed in a way you love? Is there even enough light to begin with? Do your walls feel light and bright enough? These are all things to think about in your bathroom makeover. Even if you like the shade of your current bathroom wall color, it could be that another color will work even better.



Dark walls can look glamorous and romantic in any room, but this end of the color spectrum may not hold your ideal bathroom paint color – especially if your goal is to lighten and brighten the space. Most dark colors don’t reflect light back as effectively as lighter ones, so they can make the whole room feel a bit darker – which is great if you’re going for a little extra drama. For a highly functional space like the bathroom though, pastels, whites, taupes, and greys can reflect light out into the rest of the room and help you find what you need a little faster in the morning.



So what is the best bathroom paint color? The answer is different for everyone. There’s no “wrong” shade for the bathroom, so don’t feel obligated to go with a white wall if you don’t love that look. Light gray, pastel blue, pale sage green, sunny yellow and pink are just a few of the color options you can consider for your bathroom. You can choose stronger shades of bright, warm colors like yellow and orange, but if you’re going for red, you might want to stay in the warm, bright side of the color spectrum rather than a darker burgundy or berry-inspired shade. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even opt for a metallic wall or ceiling, whether from paint, leaf or wallpaper. It’ll dial up the drama and give the space an even greater sense of reflected light.