Do you love it when every design element matches? Great! Look for shower curtains that are a part of a coordinating set.  You can even carry the look and feel of your attached bedroom into the bathroom by sticking to the same colors and fabrics.


Is your bathroom your sanctuary? Choose a limited color palette and scale back on the amount of prints and patterns you incorporate into your design. Solid-colored towels are a convenient choice, and printed shower curtains are more widely available than printed towels, so you can choose a shower curtain that really pops and select coordinating towels that pick up a main or accent color from the curtain.


For an ultra minimalistic look, choose just one solid color - such as white or gray - for all of your bathroom linens and accessories. For some subtle pops of color, you can pick from several different bathroom product options that use white as a base color and feature colorful accents, such as towels with small rows of contrast embroidery. You can also select bathroom countertop accessories in bright colors or metallics to add some visual interest to your monochromatic decor scheme.


Finally, youll want to think about the hardware in your bathroom. Most bathroom hardware is subtle enough to not make a huge impact on the room’s overall design scheme, but it’s still worth considering, especially if your hardware is aesthetically distinctive in some way. For example, if your bathroom light fixtures are ornate and serve as a focal point in the room, choosing a shower curtain with a subtle design so the fixtures take center stage. Also consider how the curtain might look if it’s reflected in the bathroom mirror. If you’re concerned about a pattern being a bit too visually stimulating, you may want to go with something subtler.


With these tips to choose a shower curtain, you can take a fresh look at your bathroom and start your search for the perfect option for your space.