2018 Corporate Governance Remember: Tolerance Of Employees, The Company Finally Died

Recently I recruited a newcomer, I asked him some of his former company, do very large customers, but also very valuable, he also said that their company welfare is very good, the former boss said, "We are to high welfare Have not seen which company collapsed because of high welfare. "

But in the end I asked him why so good companies have to choose to leave? His answer was staggering, "The company collapsed," and I reckon their boss was thinking he was the first to collapse because of the high benefits.

Why does a company that looks good suddenly announce the collapse?


01 comfortable and tolerant, is the biggest staff irresponsible

I had a painful cut on this issue. In 2012, I had invested in a company with several other partners. This company is an employee who commits himself to get off work and commutes himself and wants to go if he wants. There is only one principle, full freedom and complete mission. Now want to come really silly, people are inert, there is no strict discipline will not have results, the PLA combat powerful? Because discipline is strict ah.

Do not be tolerant of the system, this is the biggest irresponsible staff in the future. As a business owner, as a manager, you need to help employees grow and help employees get better incomes and decent lives. This is the responsibility for his future.

02 companies to work hard people, not the most expensive person

Some business owners, do not know where to hear the theory from that big brother, to use the highest salary to hire the best talent. This principle sounds good, but can it be implemented?

I very much agree with raising salaries, but I do not agree with high salaries from the very beginning, you have not earned back, you are paid, you know that making money is a need process, when the outcome of the process have not yet come, you died. What does this mean? In this matter, I am more in favor of the money that will be paid off reasonably, and I also think that the vast majority of business owners will not tangle in this issue.

In retrospect, hiring is not the right person to hire, but the people who work harder to grow together to grow together. There is more to developing a talented workforce than picking up a few people who look a little more bright.


03 pretend high-force companies are dead

I met a lot of entrepreneurial companies, they first rented the best office, to be big enough style, please the best decoration, with the best office furniture, staffing an Apple computer, morning tea every day , Tea time, work 8 hours a day, of which 3 hours is the rest time.

You look at this company was established two years, do not go, if you want to play, then you hurry, because there is not much time. What is the most important business? Live, burn investor money can live long? Not everyone who has Google's kind of capital to play?

The most important thing for startups is low-key work. If you look at a simple company, but everybody works very hard and hard, you go. They can not be wrong, they are much better than you think.

Because pretending to be high-force companies are dead.


e rent treasure - the most exaggerated time, the country's LV stores, Hermes stores are buying empty;

The boss of this Bugatti Veyron sports car allegedly the world's limited 8 units, the purchase price of 4700 million yuan;


04 for the high salary and work together

Do not complain about your salary is low, everyone has their own choice, your income is not high enough because you are not enough hard work.

In fact, most business owners are very willing to give some high salary and staff to grow together. But staff, do you work hard? When you really recognize your work, and strive to accomplish it all the time, I assure Chairman Mao that you must be the next highest paid person in your business. If your boss still did not give you a high salary, then you come to my company.

05 Today's corporate culture formed today

I surveyed more than 20 closed venture startups, and later I found that they all had one common trait, with the exception of the boss, almost no one worked overtime. In business, what we need most is running stable running fast, the company itself is very limited resources, manpower, you face nine to five, if the day there is not done, what should I do?

Why Huawei's market capitalization is more than the sum of BAT? I and they had a few months of business intersection, Huawei employees, there is no day and night, only when the task is completed.

Do not envy others, you can do it.

06 tolerance is a gentle knife, cut off the salary

My original university dormitory four classmates, the two biggest differences between wages were M and L, M is now working in a foreign company, wages nearly 20,000, while L in a private enterprise to do a translation job, more than 6,000 wages.

Three years ago, just after graduating, L was our envy. When I first joined the workforce, she had more than 5 000 salaries, which were among the few of us. The point was that she was stress-free at work.

He treated employees who did not meet his standards by acting, and he showed a gesture of getting out at any time. He often said: "If you want to fire someone, you should get fired right away, or you just waste time with each other."

Therefore, employees who know his style all know that doing things under Musk must be done in a 12-point spirit and done beautifully or at risk of being dismissed.

The more demanding the boss, the more refined you work, the requirements of their own will get higher and higher, rather than just deal with things. As time passes, the professional ability will maintain a high standard and the salary increase will be just around the corner.

A intolerant boss, will allow you to break through the inherent framework of thinking, so that you continue to challenge themselves in the growth of pain, in the continuous transformation to achieve rapid progress.

Data show that: In 2016, Huawei paid the staff wage costs of 94.179 billion yuan, divided by 180,000 employees, the average annual salary of 523216 yuan per person; plus a net profit of 37.9 billion yuan dividends, each person probably dividends 210555 yuan . Calculated: Huawei's 180,000 employees in 2016 the average annual total revenue of 733,771 yuan!

Equivalent to the monthly salary, Huawei employees a monthly salary of about 60,000, this figure is amazing enough!

However, Huawei's top boss, Ren Zhengfei, has never been a tolerant leader. He proposed 16 high standards to his staff, or he could not cultivate a team with "wolf culture."

Listening to her, she met a "very good" boss who was particularly tolerant of her. For example, if she had any mistakes in her business, her boss never criticized her, but she told her gently Done, the internship period also said a little more, after the change is basically not how to control her thing.

L said that working feel very free, there is no pressure, his translation manuscripts can have their own style, to the point of work, atmosphere relaxed, wages are also OK.

In contrast, M to force more, she said he met a perverted boss, when she first started doing assistant work, his boss always picky her PPT no features, no emphasis, language Straightforward, although she spent the entire three days to make, but still completely rejected by her boss.

There was a time when I was forced to use the PPT she had made on the next day's meeting and was temporarily denied by the boss. L stayed overnight and reworked, very hard, and we were deeply sympathetic.

Three years have passed, L is still working in that company, leisurely, but her wages rose slowly, little change.

And M, who had been "abused" by his boss, grew rapidly and jumped into the middle of the company, doubling his salary several times, and now she is grateful to her former boss who was not tolerant of her.

Everyone wants to get into the comfort zone of a workplace: a tolerant boss with a cozy atmosphere. The problem is that under such circumstances, the potential of human beings is hard to be stimulated. The frogs are boiled in warm water and their business is hard to be promoted. The rate of growth has become very slow, their wages have been low and their progress has been hard to come by.

When you repeat the challenging job every day, do not have to worry about the "finding fault" of leaders, and live in peace, then your position may become replaced at any time.

So, unless you are a good-to-youngest person, your boss's usual tolerance toward you is like a meek knife, virtually eliminating the path to high salaries.

07 not tolerant boss, just do not hate iron into steel

The meaning of promoting "home culture" of enterprises lies in the humanized management means and the mutual respect of the superior and inferior relations. Everyone can show themselves without any pressure in a friendly and warm environment.

Of course, a friendly and warm workplace environment is indeed conducive to the performance of employees themselves, however, blind ease easy to breed slack, blind and easy to breed arrogance, the real workplace is not so "home", it is the lack of temperature, stressful arena.

The boss acts harshly, seemingly difficult for you in every possible way, but from another perspective, he is also your booster for growth.

Elon Musk, PayPal's CEO, is hailed as "a tyrant from hell." His emotions are erratic and his employees think he treats his subordinates harshly and with no tolerance.


Ren is considered a very temper in the industry, treats very serious entrepreneurs under the subordinates, even for high-level cadres, the attitude will not tolerate.

On one occasion, some cadres prepared the outline of the report for the second day. Ren Zhengfei picked up several manuscripts prepared by the vice president, read no two lines, "snapped" and threw to the ground: "What have you written something!" So scolded, a full half an hour, Yan Huimin, president of the office was crying.

The boss is not tolerant, how much a little "iron is not steel," the taste, if you understand, and grasp each opportunity to refine, it is the first step into the ranks of high salaries.

Therefore, to thank those who are not tolerant to your boss, they let you fear of age crisis, fear of the unknown in the workplace, the unknown, after all, the workplace cold, it follows the survival of the fittest.

And those who are very generous to your boss, you have to report the same thanks, the number of salary Cary, every time heart, you know, it is time to wake up.

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