Why is the glass door of the shower room so expensive

At present the shower room glass in the market already has very few 4mm, the folding door basically is 6mm, the manufacturer that produces bigger size still has 8mm thick arch folding door, move door also has changed to 8mm or 10mm


Industry personage points out: five factors influence the price of shower room: glass door, the modelling of chassis, the thickness of fence glass, whether to have the color of beam and shower room.

Because of use material, place of origin different, shower room price difference is very big. Generally, the average price of domestic shower room is between 700 and 2500 yuan. The price of imported shower room is 3000

-5,000 yuan, and some of the shower rooms with sauna and steam functions have already exceeded 10,000 yuan.

The price of JZC shower room is between 1600 and 2000. Good quality and affordable price.

The shape of the chassis has a certain effect on the price. In all modelling, square chassis is cheapest, chassis appearance is irregular, the mold cost is high, shower room price also will rise accordingly. A fence bo

The dimensions of the thickness of the glass are 6cm and 9cm, and the higher the thickness, the higher the price. If the shower room is equipped with the top beam, can have the effect that can stabilize shower room, have this kind of device also relatively expensive


The glass door of shower room also decides price an important factor: sliding door type shower room is much cheaper than open type. In the words of a manufacturer, on the one hand push-pull type bath door if frequency

The pulley will wear out and wear out. On the other hand, push-pull type bath door focuses on practical, and open type bath door is more abound adornment sex, belong to popular style, so valence

Although he is a little taller, he still has a lot of people.

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