Three steps to buy simple shower room

Although sanitary facilities has been gradually entering the era of science and technology, a series of luxury steam room, sauna room grew, but simple shower room with its simple and lively, convenient and practical, low cost of characteristics favored by the public.

The choice of shower room is closely related to the space that defend bath, the size of the bathroom and decorating style directly decide and affect the room type layout of shower room and style design.

Shower room is divided according to specification, have standard type and non-standard type two kinds coexist. The standard shower room has three main styles: circular, rectangular and a shape. Circular and rectangular shape when using two kinds of shower room to install in the vertical corner of the room, bath area in the one horn of the toilet that is suitable for larger roughly is square toilet use, and the room width slightly narrow generally use a glyph shower room. The non-standard shower room can be customized according to the actual spatial characteristics of the room, which is tailor-made, with greater flexibility.

According to appearance, shower room mainly has frame two kinds of design. The former must be in harmony with the overall color style of the bathroom. The latter is free from the border color of the bondage, easier to match. According to sliding door switch, shower room is divided into slide - rail, hinge - type and folding. Slide track type and hinge type door type sliding door is easier to save space. So choose shower room must be specific to oneself bathroom characteristic to buy this independent scenery line.

Concentrate on the quality of choice

1. Knock material:

Shower room mostly USES full toughened glass, and the shower room made of common glass, be affected by outside factor, if autumn and winter use hot water, likelihood burst out. There are also some manufacturers to reduce the cost of semi-steel or hot curved glass, which also buried safety hazards for health. Accordingly, when choosing shower room, can use the knuckle to knock glass, toughened glass is more crisp, the sound of common glass is more depressing.

2. Pick the hardware

The skeleton of shower room is made of aluminium alloy commonly, the thickness is best in 1. More than 1mm, so the door is not easy to deform. At the same time, check whether the ball bearing is flexible, the opening of the door is convenient and light, and whether the frame combination is of the quality of fittings such a呃呃呃呃呃呃呃呃呃呃呃呃.jpgs stainless steel screws. The non-frame type shower room also needs to pay attention to check the sealing property of the waterproof tape and the nesting of metal and glass is good.

3. Choose the chassis

The chassis texture is generally divided into ceramic, acrylic, artificial stone, diamond, glass fiber and so on. Relatively speaking, the gold steel stone fastness is the best, dirt cleaning is convenient. Artificial stone hardness and toughness are high, modeling fashion. Yakeli is relatively beautiful, but easy to scratch, long use anti-aging performance is not good, easy to change color. Convenient maintenance and long service life.

Look at humanistic care

Bathroom products more and more incline to humanization design, shower room is no exception. Such as:

JZC shower room: it is more convenient for the use of sanitary ware.

Careful care is carefully cleaned

Since shower room is a relatively confined small space, so do not despise to its cleanness, the nursing of those hardware small parts is as important as the whole of shower room clean.

The main body of shower room is made of toughened glass, the long-term erosion of various alkaline bath water will make the glass of shower room adhere to yellow scale. When clean, can spray special glass cleaner, wipe with dry cloth again can be bright as new. For various parts of the shower room hardware connection widget, do not use any detergent to wash, lest affect the service life of the corrosion, the easiest way is to use dry cloth to wipe the dust dirt clean every week, to keep it clean.