The future development trend of shower room industry


The main factor that consumers consider when choosing shower room is safe and easy to clean. Safety is the basic guarantee of people. This is what all shower room products must do, and the experience that it brings to people is also very important in the use of shower room. The safety of the glass is each enterprise, each shower room shower room products must do, it is the fundamental guarantee of the personal safety of consumers, the current mainstream shower room USES toughened glass, toughened glass, impact resistant ability is common glass 5 times, but the possibility of explosive toughened glass, although the proportion is 1/1000, but for a single consumer, in case of explosive, that is one hundred percent, so we can see that the glass safety and personal security demand.

To meet consumer demand for the core of the glass shower room is safe, easy clean huo, easy clean huo triad shower room glass collection of the current market glass, laminated glass, toughened glass three advantages, defects and make up for each other, are currently the safest, most of the easy clean huo shower room, both to protect the personal safety of consumers and also can improve in the process of the consumers in the use of shower room is relaxed, comfortable experience.

The development trend of shower room industry.

(1) people's consumption concept and consumption group of shower room products are changing.

Shower room products from the past pursuit of luxurious bathroom products (massage cylinder, steam room) into practical needs. Consumers in the process of use require fast, water-saving, time-saving, provincial space. According to the statistics, the existing real estate projects in the bathroom accessories, as well as new star hotels, shower room products accounted for more than 80%.

(2) new growth points in the vast rural areas and second-tier cities.

As the country demands the process of rural urbanization, more and more farmers will become urban residents. Suitable shower rooms will be an important choice for them. Their spending power will gradually emerge, improving the living environment, and improving the quality of life is becoming an urgent need for urban residents. Therefore, the shower room manufacturer might as well take the market position to target the second-tier cities and the vast rural areas, where there is a great deal.

(3) strengthen product matching and provide quality service.

Customers' consumption concept is changing to "one-stop" bathroom accessories. Therefore, if still be like before the light with shower room single item product to fight alone, cannot be alone, can not stand in the long term. The manufacturers can exchange between each other, strong and strong team. The manufacturer must strengthen the depth and the horizontal matching, use a station of the service ability to attract the customer.

(4) product development.

1. Research and development of high-end products. For some high-end customers, develop high-end products to meet high-end demand.

2. For the sanitary ware of rural and ordinary families, the design provides a simple product suitable for the road, so as to meet the needs of ordinary families and affordable housing.

3. Non-standard flexibility, the shower room should be suitable for all kinds of houses, and now almost all the shower rooms in China, including the engineering order, are not calibrated.

(5) shower room products conform to the national industrial policy.

The shower room product is a necessity of people's life. Energy saving, water saving, environmental protection, conform to the trend, become the necessity of people's life. At the same time, it conforms to the national industrial policy and should be vigorously developed to meet the market demand.