Teach you how to buy ceramic tile

Winter, home decoration peak season will be, in addition to the simple shower room, cabinets, toilet, water heaters and other large, ceramic tile purchase is also very learned.

Decoration when the purchase of ceramic tiles should pay attention to view the radioactive classification of products, after "See, listen, than" Three steps to select the quality of ceramic tiles.

Residents for home decoration, brand awareness and environmental awareness can not be less. Quality Supervision Bureau reminded that the decoration to buy ceramic tiles to first check the product packaging plant name, specifications, trademarks, production dates and the implementation of the product standards and other basic information is complete, at the same time to pay special attention to view the radioactive classification of ceramic tiles, indoor decoration using ceramic tiles must choose radioactivity in line with a class of products.

High quality ceramic tile glazed smooth, consistent hue, low water absorption rate, quality Supervision Department recommended that residents through "see, listen, than" three steps to identify.

"See" refers to the ceramic tiles in the distance of 1 meters vertical observation, should not see the obvious glaze defects, the pattern of ceramic tiles do not appear lack of color, disconnection, dislocation and other problems, such as a batch of ceramic tile products vertically placed in a plane, should not be

"Listen" refers to when tapping ceramic tiles gently, the quality of ceramic tiles sounded crisp and pleasant, should not appear "empty" sound.

"Ratio" is the proportion of the main, for the same specification of ceramic tiles, large weight of the general water absorption rate is lower, the quality is better.

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