Shower room manufacturing process

Shower room manufacturing process

I. research and development design

It is the premise and foundation of manufacturing production in shower room, taking into account the three aspects of shower room:

1. Safety: rationality of structure and material of hardware.

2. Dry and wet area function: the shower room can be completely waterproof from every detail, and it can be separated from the completely dry and wet area.

3. Humanized details: make every customer convenient and comfortable.

2. Strict selection:

: 1. The glass quality of toughened glass, glass, glass glass for south car levels of toughened glass, toughened glass is broken, crushed grain number 50 mm * 50 mm area between 40-200, the Angle of the pieces to obtuse, no sharp edges, impact resistant ability is 5 times more than ordinary work.

2. Aluminum, jianmei aluminum, aluminum alloy for state 6435 - T5, is an alloy of aluminum magnesium silicon as the main element configuration, high strength is not easy to deformation, corrosion resistance is strong, annealing and backlog state of plasticity is good. The thickness is between 1.3mm and 3mm.

3. Metal materials: development of 304 a unique casting of stainless steel hinge, and the pull rod and shake handshandle, stainless steel stainless steel metal surface just polishing the instinctive quality, will always keep a silver luster, never rust. The hardness and toughness of stainless steel are more than 2 times higher than that of copper, not long rust, no corrosion, no deformation, and 96 hours of destructive salt spray test.

Iii. Test:

1. Hardware test: the hardware color used in shower room is 304A stainless steel, which is strictly double-tested.

The hardware is tested with a destructive salt spray: 96 hours of corrosion resistance.

Weight test of hardware: high strength bearing capacity.

2. Room test: the room has been tested by the 150 thousand times of the day and night, the hardware is not deformed, the fittings are not falling off, the glass is not pendulous, the house is in good condition and can be used normally.

Iv. Assemble the factory:

Through the strict inspection of all parts of the process, we can assemble the shipment. If there is any defect, it is strictly forbidden to leave the factory.