Shower room installation notices and acceptance criteria

In modern society, people's life quality keeps improving, and the pursuit of bathroom culture is becoming more and more intense. It has become a fashion to design a simple and practical shower room in the bathroom. Safety bath foundation, shower room installation precautions and acceptance criteria.

Installation of shower room should pay attention to the following points:

1. The pre-buried hole of the shower room size should be designed before the toilet is decorated.

2. The best customized shower room with water supply system and tile is installed.

3. The wiring leakage protection switch device should be considered before installation of the shower room so as to avoid rework.

4. The style of the shower room depends on the bathroom layout, with the usual corner type and one type.

5. Install the shower room strictly according to the assembly process.

6. The shower room must be firmly connected with the building structure and cannot be shaken.

7. The open shower room must be fixed with expansion bolts and fixed with non-hollow walls, and the amount of water in the basin shall not be more than 500 grams.

8, the appearance of the bath room after installation to be neat and bright, sliding door and move a mutual parallel or perpendicular, left and right sides is symmetrical, move the door to open and close smoothly, without cracks, no water seepage, shower room and bottom basin using silicone seal between the sealing.

Acceptance criteria for installation of shower room:

Check size: check whether there is any error between measurement size and actual product size.

Check level: the error should be within 2mm/1000mm.

Check vertical: the upper vertex and lower vertex horizontal error of both sides of shower room should be controlled within 10mm.

Silica gel: silica gel should be thin, uniform, beautiful.

Check and suction: the magnetic door should be evenly spaced, open and close, and the force should be between 15 and 40 newtons.

Check hinge: the hinge should be smooth and no noise when opening and closing.