shower room installation instruction

In our bathroom, shower room is an indispensable part. In our household geomantic, shower room decorates geomancy also very exquisite. Especially small door type wei yu, how to plan knowledge a lot. In fact mainly according to different area and different requirement choose appropriate bath form, add the bath that use is all these are the key that decides the quality between wei yu. So when decorate between bathroom, shower room has what feng shui pays attention to?

One, toilet area is too small, whole room becomes shower room.

Usually only a few square meters of small toilet, because the area is too small can't realize the dry wet depart, so it is difficult to pursue high quality of the shower, then the best solution is to whole toilet into a shower room. Therefore, this principle should be followed in both overall planning and product selection.

Solution is: first, the super small bathroom had better choose sliding door, ground glass material is most suitable, if choose general wooden door will occupy some space, and the sliding door is not the problem. Secondly, in the design of the toilet articles should be able to direct contact with water, such as the mirror headlights should choose to prevent water vapor; Wash basin, toilet, toilet paper holder, towel rack and so on defend bath supplies as far as possible to install in the place where sprinkler head does not splash water; The waterproof of metope, ground must be done well, especially the level of ground must be done well, make the water that spurts out in the shower can move quickly from floor drain; The ventilation in the toilet is better, so that the moisture can be discharged quickly.

In bath form, because toilet area is too small, shower affirmation is optimal choice. At present, the flower in the market is all sorts of miscellaneous, besides traditional hold, head and side spray three kinds of flower asperses, some brand also rolled out omni-directional turn to spend asperse, lift rod flower asperses to wait for new product. These flower sprinkles can realize the free conversion of three functions of hand, head and side. In this way, it saves the area requirement of the head flower asperses and the hand flower asperses mix to the toilet, and does not need to sacrifice the pursuit of the quality of life.

2. If the space is sufficient, dry and wet can be separated.

In fact, no matter the size of space, as long as planned properly, it is possible to do dry and wet separation. In this way, people don't have to worry about getting wet in the rest of the bathroom and then squatting on the floor after taking a shower.

There are a lot of people will shower alone inside toilet isolation for a fixed shower screen, with the partition of glass or other material, make the space of different nature can be divided into dry and wet areas, in addition in the conditions allow can be placed under the shower panel marble platform, not only can effectively stop the flow, and reach the ideal wet effect, kill two birds with one stone of it.

The existence of toilet becomes an indispensable part of people's life quality, bring convenience to more demand. At the same time, it is also hoped that the enjoyment of the shower will not affect the overall household geomancy, so that the good fortune is always accompanied.