Shower room decoration precautions

One, simple bath room material is simple good-looking not expensive

The simple shower room is made of tempered glass, aluminum alloy, acrylic composite material or base table. Simple shower room structure is simple, the bath function is basically complete, there is no additional function. The space is relatively independent and concise, the thorough feeling is strong, do not block the whole tile of the toilet tiling effect. Its price is not high, and the style is rich, can be customized according to the toilet actual situation.

Be careful when choosing a simple bath room, the room glass is not the thicker the better. Generally flat open bath room, the width of the glass, generally larger, so the stability is relatively poor, can choose the thickness of the large glass (greater than 5 cm), and the fan, diamond, square, door and so on because of the glass width is small, the stability is relatively good, so we chose 5 cm thick glass.

Two, integral bath room function many price is expensive

The whole shower room is generally composed of sprinkler system, shower room, shower screen, top cover, bottom basin or bathtub, the shower screen adopts toughened glass, and the bottom cylinder and backboard are generally acrylic composite materials. The overall shower room is fully enclosed, with good thermal insulation, even if it is winter. And some of the products also have foot massage, surf massage, FM radio, steam, exhaust wind, answering telephone and other functions. As a totally enclosed bath room, with independent drain, need not wet toilet on the ground, so for the old, construction problems cause the housing of ooze water, temporary building without waterproof, etc., can also be used.

The disadvantage of the overall shower room is that it is very expensive, and the size of the shower room is generally large and uncustomizable. JZC provides the overall shower room with good quality and low price. When choosing, because of its relatively high technology content, it is best to choose quality and after-sales guaranteed big brands, such as JZC shower room.

In addition, the product should be chosen according to the area of the bathroom and the height. Too big a bath room can give a person with depressive feeling. The overall shower room height is generally about 2.1 meters, the installation time also needs to increase about 10 centimeters, so the toilet actual height should be higher than 2.2 meters, otherwise cannot be installed. And general open door occupies space big, want to consider the actual area whether enough.