quality and humanized design is the key of the shower room market

Recently, the sales volume of shower room has been greatly increased due to the seasonal and climatic reasons. Shower room economy is economical, custom freedom, in the summer wei yu product sells the top raise, became the protagonist.

So what is human design? Human design is the perfect combination of professional and human design. For example, the ordinary shower room is designed with single-wheel single track, which makes it easy to contact with the ground when sliding door, and the resistance is very heavy and heavy. And the key point of the pulley is particularly vulnerable to damage, the maintenance rate is extremely high in the use of frequent cases in the next few months to be repaired.

Before almost all the shower room is on the market to close with hinges, time grew naturally arises door sagging, door doesn't close tightly, door switch is not smooth situation greatly affected the consumer the feeling of the shower.

JZC, the hardware which is the most common concern of consumers, USES 304 stainless steel for the copper material. Use stainless steel screws and materials for all fastener fittings. For shower room was exposed by the media the most explosive on glass wall also USES security door of toughened glass (GB15763-2005 standard of China, EN12150 European standard, 3 c certification and CE certification), the process through a special steel, the surface resistance to impact is common glass 5 to 10 times. For such a demanding product quality, it is no wonder that walmen can sit on the top of the first brand of Chinese fashion shower room.

Not only bring practical function to the user, still bring beautiful visual enjoyment, make shower room becomes the important adornment component that defend bath space. In 2011, personalized products and personalized products need more personalized service. It has to be admitted that JZC is indeed at the forefront of the shower market.