points of choosing glass of shower room

Shower room glass thickness, and its robustness nature is strong, but if too thick, also be counterproductive, because the thickness of glass on a little more than 8 mm brand shower room factory is very difficult to achieve full toughened, so once the glass is broken, and will have sharp surface, thus prone to cut the risk of the human body.

Because of the thicker the glass, its thermal conductivity will become bad, so the greater the possibility of glass bursting, because glass from a major cause of the explosion is caused by uneven cooling in different region, so from this point of the flameproof glass should be as thin as possible.

Glass, the more quantity is heavier, heavy pressure is too great for hinge, profiles and the service life of the pulley will be cut short, especially cheap shower room mostly use poorer quality of pulley, so that the thicker the glass instead of the more dangerous! The quality of tempered glass depends mainly on the degree of steel, whether it is produced by the normal factory, the transmittance, the impact resistance, the heat resistance and so on. The thicker the glass, the better is a myth.

General in the market of all claims to be toughened glass shower room, subtle differences in the extent of the toughened, good full toughened glass that is, almost alone less than hundred of toughened, on the market for more than 8 mm generally cannot reach the 100% of the toughened glass.

After the consumer orders, can pay attention to its 3C certification mark, the toughened glass no matter the area size, above all should have the 3C certification mark, from this one detail can know whether toughened glass. When the consumer chooses shower room, should choose the brand of formal profession, examine whether have factory name, factory address and qualification certificate, the product quality of formal manufacturer and construction craft are more secure.