Personalized, diversified shower room went viral

With the post-80s and post-90s generation gradually becoming the main force of consumption, personalized and diversified shower room becomes a consumer's urgent need. At the same time, the family now and a more biased towards the small family housing, can make full use of narrow toilet, shower room to shower area clearly divided, formed a relatively independent bath room. But there are many kinds of shower rooms in the market, how to choose?

Non-standard shower

Main measure according to the actual circumstance of toilet, custom, in such aspects as material, style, size, accessories can be adjusted according to the actual owner requirements, production cycle is relatively long, but in accordance with their needs.

Applicable family: the space that defend bath is not standard, clean with budget is limited, ventilated is better, to style, style demands not high family.

Standard shower

Standard shower room is produced by the businessman unified production, in the selection material, style, size, fittings have unified standard, still can go with chassis, put object frame and so on goods. A complete set of shopping, convenience and safety.

Applicable family: the space is relatively moderate, the work is quicker, the product USES safe family more.

More common classic shower style has the following four styles, the owner can choose according to own hobby and actual situation.

1. A type shower room

Applicable family: long and narrow space that defend bath, shower area accounts for just a wall or in a corner, almost nearly half of all families choose this, prices are more affordable, need not with chassis, just add a weather bar.

2. Square shower room

Applicable family: the family that defend bath area square, the space is big enough. It has sufficient interior space, does not affect normal wash bath, relatively other style is more convenient and clean.

3. Diamond shower room

Applicable family: if wei yu area is not big, can choose diamond form shower room. It just occupies the position of a corner of the wall, in the design can let people in internal use comfortable, also convenient leave outside space of passageway.

4. Circular shower room

Applicable family: this style of shower room modelling fashion is changeable, the area can be big but small, apply the wei yu between different space. The owner of the choice of its owner, with a chassis, looks more holistic.

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