material selection guide of shower room

The bath that goes home after work can also become a big enjoyment in the life, eliminate the fatigue that the day work brings, change to relaxed home dress, begin to feel home comfortable from shower room. In decorating, the choice of shower room, installation and maintenance also became the foundation that assures this kind of comfortable.

Part1: know the appropriate installation of shower room classification.

The classification of shower room is diversiform, different shapes suitable for different family installation conditions, understand the basic classification and structure of shower room, can help us to better cooperate with the family is decorated, choose the appropriate space condition.

Vertical Angle of shower room is the biggest advantage is able to make good use on the corner of the bathroom space, shape variety, can be suitable for different styles of decoration environment, but also there is position is relatively narrow, lack of the shortcoming of the air circulation.

A word is the best choice of the narrow bathroom shower room, modelling is simple, can be in place for the room against the wall into a space, suitable for different bathroom structure, but at the same time, one word shower room also need careful maintenance, vigorously push and pull is easy to damage.

Tub bath on the screen in general is relatively rare, the main is all use one word to shorten or bath crock in the style of the folding, solid material easy to use, but the installation costs are relatively high, less selective.

Part2: carefully distinguish the material from the high-quality shower room.

Shower room on the spatial structure, not only on the material divided equally diverse, in recent years, because the material of shower room and safety problems also is not uncommon, so cautious when buying shower house locked good materials, is also a guarantee to use security.

Know the door board material to lay a good safety foundation.

The door of shower room is generally can be divided into, PS and half toughened glass, toughened glass with toughened glass is the most common, toughened glass has good thermal stability, able to withstand the temperature difference between the strong pressure resistance is strong, at the same time receive strong shocks will crack and will not be broken, so as not to crash out of the debris.

The chassis of shower room is divided into basin of high and low two, with cylinder with cylinder high basin can take of them, for the old man and the child's family is a very convenient choice, but better than clean and remove the lower basin, can effectively prevent the peculiar smell, easy to clean.