key points of buying shower room

Today, many people choose to put in another small independent shower room in a small bathroom, which is the very popular independent shower. The shower room is so quick to conquer people, occupy the main space between wei yu, make use of people to this kind of independent shower room praise.

Shower room buy 8 watch points:

1. The glass

See if glass is transparent, whether there are any other defects such as miscellaneous points or bubbles.

The defect of making glass material not pure or process can make glass have miscellaneous point and bubble and so on flaw, reduce the hardness of glass, strength and so on.

Whether there are 3c marks on the original glass.

Brief analysis: 3c certification is the abbreviation of compulsory product certification in China.

See a sample of fully tempered glass shards

Brief analysis: according to the national standard toughened glass every 50* 50mm, the area of the security is more than 40 particles,

2. The aluminum

Look at the hardness of the aluminum

Aluminum shower room often needs to support the weight of dozens or even hundreds of kg glass, if the hardness and thickness of no, shower service life will be very short, all the hardness and thickness of aluminum is an important evaluation indexes. Qualified shower room aluminum thickness of more than 1.2mm, up to the rail suspended glass aluminum must be over 1.5 mm. The hardness of aluminum can be tested by hand pressure aluminum frame, the hardness is more than 13 degrees of aluminum, the adult is difficult to use hand pressure to make the deformation.

To see if the surface of the aluminum is smooth, whether the color difference and the trachoma, and the profile finish.

Used old aluminium material in treatment, the surface treatment is not enough, there will be obvious color difference and trachoma, the special section of the light is dark.

3. The pulley

Look at the material of the pulley and the seal of the wheel seat

The wheelbase of the pulley is to use anti-pressure and heavy materials, such as 304 stainless steel and high-end synthetic materials. The seal of wheel seat is good, water vapor does not easily enter the wheel, the smooth of the wheel is ensured.

Look at the matching of the pulley and the aluminum track

The pulley and the track should cooperate closely, the gap is small, not easy to fall off when subjected to external force, avoid safety accidents.

4. Look at the adjustment function of wall and wall clip

Even the wall is the aluminum that the shower room and the wall connect, because the tilt of the wall and the deviation of installation can cause the glass of the wall to be distorted, thus the glass self-imploding phenomenon. Therefore, the wall material should have the adjustment function of the direction of the crossbar, so that the aluminum can cooperate with the wall and the installation distortion, eliminate the distortion of the glass, and avoid the self-implosion of the glass.

5. Look at the stability of the shower bar

The pull rod of shower room is an important support to ensure the stability of the unframed shower room. The hardness and strength of the pull rod are the important guarantee of impact resistance of shower room. It is recommended not to use a scalable pull rod, which is weak in strength.

6. Look at the water tightness of shower room

The main observation of the water tightness of shower room is

The connection between the shower and the wall

A joint between the door and the door

The watertightness of the hinge - because of the activity, the watertightness is often not good

The joint between the shower room and the base and the base basin

Check the seals and seals of the tape

7. See if product design is humanized

Rack, seal magnetic strip, buffer... These humanization can offer you more comfortable, sweet bath feeling.

8. See the certificate

Product quality inspection certificate and patent certificate are the direct embodiment of product quality.

Look at the 3c certificate

Look at the quality inspection certificate

Certificate of patent