Introduction of shower room knowledge

Introduction of shower room knowledge.

Shower room knowledge

Close to the toilet's three-tier rack, save the toilet paper holder.

1, the characteristics of

Shower room press function cent integral shower room and simple shower room; According to the style of vertical Angle shower room, a zigzag bath screen, bath screen and so on; According to the shape of the chassis, square, round, fan, diamond shower room, etc. Sliding door, folding door, revolving door shower room, etc.

Below the green, shower room 23 D - three overlapping moving and shower screen partition, this is the biggest advantage is to maximize activities door switch, door can be open to the two-thirds of the space, light slide smooth, very comfortable to use, of course it's the price of shower room.

Integral shower room function is more, the price is higher, cannot order commonly. The whole shower room with steam function is also called steam room, heart disease, high blood pressure patients and children cannot use the steam room alone. Compared with the whole shower room, simple shower room there is no "roof", design is rich, its basic structure is chassis adds crawl, chassis quality of a material such as ceramic, acrylic, artificial stone, fence with plastic or toughened glass door, toughened glass door with ordinary tempered glass, water ripples of toughened glass and toughened glass cloth material, etc.

Now, the colour of shower room has exceeded the single white, added a lot of bright colors, such as gold, silver, red, yellow, blue, etc., and the colour be in harmony of the toilet body, to clean and illuminative function 2 for one. Some shower room USES the craft of sandblasting gold or sandblasting silver, colour is luxurious.

2, choose

Choose shower room main consideration the following factor.

You can't covet the price. Be sure to purchase products with detailed production name, site and certificate of goods. The color pattern should be consistent with the bathroom decoration style. Shower room's shape is generally symmetrical fan, toilet big also can choose square. Most consumers like a shower room with a translucent design. The product itself is very decorative and gives people a good taste. However, there are also some old or traditional people, who prefer the cloth style shower room, the appearance is like cloth, more monotone, but not transparent, the biggest advantage is that the family can use the toilet at the same time in the shower. Identify the material. The main material of shower room is toughened glass, the quality difference of toughened glass is very big, there is a big safety hidden danger in the fake tempered glass, the original toughened glass is careful to see the pattern that has a dimly. The skeleton of the shower room is made of aluminum alloy, the surface is sprayed with plastic, not corrosion and rust. The main frame aluminum alloy thickness is better than 1.1mm, the door is not easy to deform. At the same time, check whether the ball bearings are flexible, the door's opening and closing is convenient and lightweight, and the frame combination is made of stainless steel screws. Optional chassis selection. The shower room divides into two kinds of high basin and low basin. Can sit person with cylinder type, suit to have old person or child's family, still can one cylinder is multipurpose, wash, hold water to wait, lack of place is to make health trouble. In contrast, the lower basin is simple and the price is lower than the high one. In addition, the consumer should choose the side board to remove the chassis, so as to wash, to prevent stink.