How to choose shower room by quality of rubber strip

The rubber strip of shower room is mainly used to protect the glass, so as to avoid the explosion of glass collision. However, the main materials in the market are PVC and EVA. The two properties are different and the function is different. The quality of the tape is mainly the quality of the raw materials and the control of the process.

Identification of the rubber strip in shower room.

First, smell it, smell it with your nose, and normal PVC materials won't have a pungent smell.

Second, bask in the sun, can put the glue stick in the high temperature to bask in, see the surface of the adhesive strip appears to be stained and discoloured, the dirt on the surface of the tape is oily and yellow.

Third, take a look, can see the quality of the adhesive strip, the surface that compares convenient is not very bright, had better not want to buy those that look not bright of glue.

Fourth, look at the proportion, many black heart traders, in the use of fillers will do false, using talc powder, heavy calcium and other things as filler, this can increase the density of the seal products.

Shower room shopping skill.

1. The shower room looks beautiful.

Shower room selection, though important, but the shower room modelling also cannot be ignored, the overall appearance of shower room, everyone is a visual animals, especially in daily life and shower room, high overall look good shower room can let the human brain to release a large amount of polyphenols, enhance people's aesthetic pleasure, and then to be able to relax.

2. Shower door should be comfortable.

The orbit of shower door stains can occur easily, is not easy to clean, so people will choose to open the door, suitable for large area of toilet, easy to switch effortlessly, but hard to use, and should not be easy to knock against items. You can choose different ways to open the bathroom according to your home bathroom.

3. Sliding door sliding should be smooth.

The sliding door pulley needs to pay special attention to, the inferior pulley pulls the difficulty, when the force pulls the meeting, the glass force unevenly is prone to the explosion. The pulley adopts imported stainless steel bearing and copper bearing with strong bearing capacity and long service life. The wheel handle is made of nylon material, sliding smoothly and ultra-quiet; Original plastic alloy double pulley design, through the eu quality system certification.

4. Flat door hardware should be durable.

Can't choose the shower room hardware surface uneven, use after a period of time, easy to wear away, fade even rust, Fred intelligent shower room hardware choosing advanced stainless steel and copper, high hardness, strong bearing capacity, through accelerated acetic acid salt spray test grade 9 high standards, and accessories with high precision, strong corrosion resistance, the quality has the same peace of mind for a long time for you to enjoy.

5. The shower room profile should be strong.

Generally the thickness of the material of shower room is only 0.7 mm to 0.7 mm, more use of recycling renewable aluminum alloy, volatility hardness, brittle, trachoma, pinhole, line, surface color slants dark, most of the time seems to wall thickness is very thick but the compressive strength and impact resistance is poor, used in damp bathroom is easy to rust, also easily lead to explosive shower room.