How to choose shower room brand

Shower room in sanitary ware in the Chinese building materials market has only a short more than 20 years of history, compared to the history of the bathtub and other sanitary ware is shorter, but its convenient clean use has gradually been modern urbanite like fast rhythm, domestic shower room manufacturers have sprung up continuously pull up, because of technology, the quality gap, numerous and complicated shower room on the industry brands, there are a lot of small workshops, also only can be assembled, shower room USES the material is not qualified, such as glass, aluminum, accessories, shower room, shower room bottom basin, such as accessories processing and technology is not the same. So when the consumer buys shower room, had better buy the manufacturer that has strong strength shower room product.

All said, "wine is not afraid of the alley", good things, a hundred passes, the brand shower room has the high quality products and service support. As consumers, in addition to enjoy the good product with perfect experience, by using disorders occur if appear the phenomenon of recourse, the this brand shower room to sell at a discount greatly, want to know the shower room sanitary ware products as a close contact with human body, is a safe, so how to choose when buying shower house brand shower room?

First, you can check whether the brand of shower room has the national certification, whether the product has passed the national standard and the 3C certification certificate.

Second: see if there is a patent certificate to support the strength of the brand.

Third: you can check the official website of the brand, carefully understand its products, and verify its certificate information.

Fourth: pay attention to the quality of shower room product, detailed understanding glass, hardware fittings, bottom basin, glue, pulley and so on quality.

Fifth: to understand the brand shower room of the specific site, as well as after-sales service telephone, because shower room belongs to assemble products, need to install the technical support, if the product is in use after problems, needs the guarantee of after-sales service.

Sixth: know the brand's market word of mouth, the product that obtains consumer approval, its word of mouth is in the market also should be very good, have high popularity and praise degree.

DE shower room is a recognized leader shower room, its market is also very good reputation, product sales volume is much higher than other brand shower room, high quality products and good after-sales service, are made continuous efforts in the direction of the, is committed to high-end shower room products to consumers, the first-class shower experience.