How to choose shower room accessories


Choose a commodity to want to see a brand, buy shower room fittings must be bought from the right channel.

Hardware bath market also shows new phenomenon. Each family is in when choosing appropriate bathroom sanitary ware, the demand grasps a few knowledge and technology, otherwise perhaps the membership fee does not stop, bring to future life to bring cannot, affect the quality of life.

Today, many people choose to put in another small independent room in a small bathroom, which is the very popular independent shower room. Shower room just so quick to take people to surrender, occupy the important space between wei yu to make use of people to this kind of independent shower room clap the case. No wonder it is said that there is no bathtub in the bathroom, but it can't have a full shower. Take a shower as a clean and quick way to clean, and because the shower is quicker and more convenient, the interest rate is definitely lower.

Still have no square, diamond shape, the appearance of shower room is ordinary is symmetrical arc fan. There are sliding doors, folding doors, and axles, etc., in order to get into the way of the Angle into or into the form.

Can better apply infinite bathroom area, the Angle to enter the biggest characteristic is to be able to expand the utilization rate. Square diagonals, curving, and diamond-shaped shower rooms are all of these types, with more styles.

The appearance of choose shower room should consult the size of toilet and direction.

But conservative people like the elderly can also suffer from the bright-type opaque shower room, and a large minority love to buy a semi-transparent shower. So it depends on the family's liking.

The quality of toughened glass is very different, the main material of shower room is toughened glass. Authentic toughened glass is careful to see the pattern of dimly.

The surface is sprayed with plastic, and the skeleton of the shower room is usually made of aluminum alloy. No rust, no rust. The main frame aluminum alloy thickness of more than 1.1mm, not easy to deform. The ball bearing of door must be sensitive, convenient to open and close, screw USES stainless steel, all hardware should pay attention to round slippery degree, outside scratches is not fun.

Suitable have old person or small child's family, shower room chassis is divided with cylinder high basin and low basin two kinds. Can sit person with cylinder type. Also can a cylinder multi-purpose, laundry, hold water, etc., but make health trouble. The price is low. The chassis texture is divided into glass fiber, pressure gram force, gold steel stone three kinds, low - basin analogy is concise. Gold steel stone fastness is the best, dirt cleaning is convenient.

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