How does shower room wash all not clean? Try these ways

It is common practice to separate the wet areas of the bathroom with glass shower room. However, the glass of shower room is easy to stain and scale is also a troublesome matter. Gently wipe off the stain, the method is not easy to scrape the glass. So how can you easily remove the scale without harming the glass?JZC shower room with tell tell you the ays of doing that:

Water + vinegar + salt

If your shower glass is yellow or even black, it is a difficult stain to remove. Use 50% vinegar to 50% water, add a little salt, mix into solution, spray to glass door. Wait 10 -- 15 minutes, wipe with dry cloth, stain can be cleared. Or directly immerse the towel in the solution, 5 minutes later twist into half dry shape, wipe the glass door, the effect is immediate.

The degree of retenting

Alcohol + newspaper

If the scale of the glass door is white or yellowish, the stain is moderate. Use useless old newspaper to wipe, because the ink of newspaper has better adsorption effect. Before using old newspapers, can be a concentration of 75% alcohol in watering can (commonly used 95% concentration of alcohol should be diluted), spraying the glass besmirch place, then old newspapers folded wipe glass, glass immediately all like new.

The degree of retenting

Tea water + cling film

If your shower room scale or besmirch is white block or granule, the stain degree is medium light, especially close to the bathroom of the kitchen is more prone to this kind of besmirch. At this time, need to use a plastic film to stick on vitreous door besmirch place, quiet wait 10 minutes, let the white grain that solidifies on vitreous door soften, again tear the plastic film. Use towel to dip the tea (overnight tea is the best) wipe clean, stain disappear.

Degree of retenability

Toothpaste/lemonade + x

If shower room glass appears white or light white watermark, besmirch degree is lesser. Just apply a few toothpaste to the watermark, wet cloth wipe, clean water after washing; Or the lemon slice of bubble water into the watering can, and the lemon water into the glass door blew a big "x" form and along the direction of "x" form again and again to wipe, works for seven minutes, scrub with warm water, glass door is clean.

Degree of retenting

Soap and gauze

Scale on the glass to a lesser degree, to the rest of the bathroom soap head wrapped in gauze or old silk socks, and then to the glass wipe dirt, finally use warm water to clean, dry cloth to wipe dry, shower room is bright white, such as new, also is not easy to water vapor.

Degree of retenting:

Glass scraper

For each time after the shower, the fog and water vapor stained glass door to be the case, can choose the scraper. Remove the water vapor before it is converted to scale. It is easy and economical to scrape the glass after the bath.


Do not use a hard brush

Some people use a brush or even a wire to clean the shower room. It is a mistake to think that it will be cleaned more quickly and thoroughly. Because the wool is relatively hard brush or steel wire extremely easy scratches glass, make the glass produce crack, increase shower room self-detonation probability. If you encounter a more stubborn scale, use a soft brush (such as a toothbrush) to gently wipe.

Use cleaner at will

Many detergents in the market have a corrosive effect. Many people spray cleansers directly into the glass, without paying attention to the extent of the stain in their shower room, thus damaging the glass door. Moreover, the detergent drops shower room hardware small parts, direct corrosion hardware surface. Therefore, clean shower water dirt, or use the above 6 methods better.

Daily maintenance method

The production of scale is because the water droplets attached to the glass are deposited in the process of evaporation, which is formed by the precipitation of the insoluble minerals such as calcium sulfate and calcium carbonate. The bathroom is damp, the water scale is easy to be born on the glass, the shower room always keep bright and clean like new, not easy to produce scale and besmirch, the daily maintenance should be done well.