Domestic shower room market three characteristics inventory

Shower room, it is a separate shower cubicle, namely make full use of bath space, the shower room and sanitary ware put in one room.

At present, the domestic shower room market has three development characteristics:

One is: compared with other bathroom products, shower room is born late, shower room product is the most basic frame, it also has the big development potential. Whether it is glass color, material selection, or simple sliding door design, it can lead to a refreshing new product.

Second, the biggest difference between shower room and other bathroom products is that it cannot be standardized on the assembly line. Therefore, this non-standard customized production is inconvenient for product circulation. The non-standard customized production of shower room has resulted in the high price of the market.

Three are: small scale enterprises, the vast majority of shower room in the traditional manufacturing of channel is king, small-scale enterprises will no doubt in the aspect of channel construction, unable to further affect the development of the enterprise itself.

More artistic

The overall situation of the shower room industry is developing well, and the industry scale and clustering are inevitable, and the situation of the great wave after the competition will also appear. At that time, the rest of the market will also be like JZC shower room such as the quality, reasonable price, service in place excellent brand.

JZC shower room, in the shape of a lot of products get rid of the traditional things, the exterior is more artistic, simple and generous.

Water saving and energy saving

Water-saving and energy saving is a constant theme in shower room. In response to the national call for building a conservation-oriented society, it also puts forward higher standards for the future sanitary products. The water saving is still the trend of the development of sanitary products, and is also an important goal of the sanitary industry. Shower room can rise the warm effect, so need not to used white waste a lot of hot water is needed to keep the temperature of the bathroom, save water, save a little also, gas and other energy.