​differences between shower room and bathroom

differences between shower room and bathroom

1. The main material of shower room is tempered glass.

Ordinary glass and too thin or poor quality tempered glass is easy to self-destruct. Pattern, the thickness of authentic toughened Glass, and because of 6-10 mm advisable, CCC mark on Glass and Tempered Glass, the 3 c authentication marks Tempered into the Glass, so as to avoid 3 c logo printing or paste get away.

2. The skeleton of the shower room is aluminum alloy, which is sprayed on the surface and is not corrosion and rust.

General thickness is not easy to deform over 5mm, otherwise it will deform and cause glass cracking and explosion.

3. The ball bearing should be flexible to make the door open and convenient.

The frame combination should use stainless steel screws, glass and glass, glass and wall of the link should be sealed, otherwise it will be difficult to hold water. The sealing strip of the high quality shower room should not have breakpoint at the hinge, the sealing strip between glass door should be magnetic, and the water retaining property will be better.

4. The chassis of the shower room is divided into two kinds: high basin and low basin.

It is suitable for families with old people or children, but it is difficult to clean. The lower basin is concise, the price is low.

There are two ways to open a shower room.

Sliding door sliding rail is easy to accumulate dirt or fall into hard material, not easy to clean, can make door switch is not smooth and cause damage, had better use pingla door.