Detailed steps ofinstalling glass shower door

Now most people in the home use shower room, that to shower door installation you understand?

The so-called partition is to point to the half facades that separate indoor space not to reach the top, and in today's decorating process, a lot of visible partition is made by furniture, rain screen is one of them. The shower partition commonly USES toughened glass, glass thickness: 6, 8mm.



The disadvantage of the shower room is not in the shower door, but in the base, including brand goods, all have the same defect. Generally made of acrylic shower base, and acrylic materials in damp places easy to mildew, explosion would happen after a period of time, a little better about the base of the durable time for 3-4 years, nearly about 1-2 years. The drainage hose at the bottom of the base is easily blocked. In particular, women's long hair is easily deposited in the drain. In addition, suit the dimension of shower room is fixed, the internal space is small, the shower will cause a lot of inconvenience, so suit is not ideal products, shower room really needed, do not use the base as far as possible.


It is advisable for you to use the direct shower screen, the size is not limited, can make full use of the space, rarely appears above. Shower screen on the market there are a lot of style, you can choose according to their own actual situation, should choose different size corresponding to the design, the width dimension of general toilet at about 1.3 meters, 1.6 meters between, in this size can choose 2 train door (namely fixed side, side activities) below 1.3 m should choose three trips door (door all three fold in side) the benefits of this door in opening is bigger, the two-thirds of the total size. Greater than 1.6 m should choose four door (activities) fixed on both sides, in the center, while the access point with two time as large as the door, but it can door is divided into two pieces, reduce pulley affect its durability by glass is too heavy. JZC shower door provides various specifications and can be customized to size.


General the bathroom shower door installation is exquisite, the ground is not level, individual toilet ground slope is bigger, although when installation or adjust the pulley to leveling up, but not necessarily to use smooth, or slide will appear automatically, use after a period of time will appear magnetic suction from the seam and leaking.

Suggest you in the location of the installation of the shower screen (on the ground) with a 6-7 cm wide, length like shower door widths of marble to adjust the ground level, also than on aesthetic directly install the shower door on the ground.

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