design gist of shower room

Shower room is in the design, consider the size of toilet first, choose the layout that suits the toilet of the home most, combine the preference of oneself to choose all without frame or have frame series product. Then, on the bottom of the treatment (with stone basin, groundmass) choice, for bathroom windowsill, toilet, bathtub, wall column, the distance from the basin that wash a face, toilet, open mode to integrated design, a set of comfortable shower room is the crystallization of perfect design.

The combination of shower room style and toilet size.

To the size of toilet, choose appropriate shower room brand and product. Large space can be a consideration from the Angle of comfortable, comfortable shower, have a variety of selective, and the small space is to make full use of the area, to choose some don't take a place of push-pull open within the design and design for good.

2. Set bar racks and other common items.

Combination of high-quality goods, to make full use of space, also should consider when choosing the style the collocation of the overall effect, shower and toilet selected shapes (such as a square or circular arc form) should be the shape of the basin that wash a face and toilet as far as possible to coordinate, reasonable layout to create a relaxed environment.

Choose what kind of tools can be decided according to the factors such as the style of the bathroom, it is important to determine the location of that wash a face is generally used in items should be placed near the basin that wash a face, and Settings such as placing bath products shelf near the flower is aspersed or shower room is more convenient. A metal basket that can be used to place small towels or other items. It takes up little space, but can put a lot of odds and ends. A towel bar, a small rack for placing items such as hand sanitizer or soap, can be concentrated in the face area.

3. Non-standard production of shower room procedures.

Choose best way is in the bathroom shower room before decorate, design suitable size and embedded in advance corresponding hole in advance, if installed good water supply system, good tile floor tile, customized shower room should be targeted. Design of shower room is can choose standard, can also according to the actual circumstance of the size of toilet professional non-standard order, and to the building materials market to buy shower room, first of all, need to have a clear structure, dimension of the toilet for store clerk reference design, also can ask professional design personnel to the scene design, comprehensive site condition and drawings of oneself be fond of, determine the elements to be complete, and then arrange factory production. The production cycle and transportation time of the non-standard shower room will be about 20 days. Then, please install the professional installation technicians.