Common sense of buying a shower room

Common sense of buying a shower room

The shape of shower room is usually symmetrical arc segment, and square, diamond, etc., such as sliding door, folding door, shaft door, into the way points with horns to enter or single enter type, Angle of the biggest characteristic is to enter type can expand the usage, you can better use of limited bathroom area, square diagonal shape, arc spray, diamond-shaped shower room is such, is to apply more style, choose and shape to refer to the size of the bathroom and shower room.

The main material of shower room is toughened glass, the quality of toughened glass is very big, authentic toughened glass is careful to see a faint pattern.

The skeleton of the shower room is usually made of aluminum alloy. The surface is sprayed with plastic. Main frame aluminum alloy thickness is better than 1.1mm, not easy to deform. The ball bearing of door must be nimble, convenient to open and close, screw USES stainless steel, all hardware should pay attention to round slippery degree, in the inside scratches not fun.

Shower room must buy from formal channels of choose and buy, want to see a brand, not covet is cheap, some brand is a high-end shower room, looks beautiful, many function, it is 3 without the product, the quality is bad, easy to rust, heat is not, even glass crack will happen.

JZC stainless steel shower room is easy to clean and durable, can be trusted to choose.