Clean method of glass in shower room

1. For the yellow water stain on the glass in the shower room, you need to spray with glass cleaner, and then clean it with a dry cloth. And the hardware small fittings that shower room USES each part, can't use cleaner, lest corrode the surface, the best way is to be wiped with dry cloth regularly, keep clean.

2. For the water damage of the glass room, you can go to the supermarket to buy a suitable home shower room the size of the glass door glass blowing (some supermarkets, plastic or metal stents and handle on embedded rubber strip, length must be with his family almost the length of the glass shower room, is too long will not be convenient), after the shower glass blow to shave off the glass of shower room, do not need a lot of time, also easy.

3. If there is scale on the glass in the shower room, you can remove the mixture with vinegar and a little salt. You can also use toothpaste to spray the bathroom glass or the frosted glass, then use the toothbrush to wipe together, then rinse the frosted glass with warm water.

4. It can also be cleaned with clean toilet, and it should be kept clean at ordinary times. It can be washed with a shower head every day.

5. Spray the glass water evenly on the surface of the glass, then wipe it clean with dry soft cloth.

Note that toughened glass cannot be scratched with hard objects to avoid compromising the safety of the glass. Shower room glass is in daily cleaning, every time after washing can be cleaned conveniently, can guarantee the long-term bright of shower room.