choose the shower room with complete function

Nowadays, many people choose to put in the toilet of small area, put another small independent room, this is the independent shower room that is very popular nowadays.

Safe shower room is safe to wash.

The safety of shower room is very important. When choosing, don't consider the appearance design of shower room only or the function is complete, had better put safety first, think family is in.

It is convenient and practical to use every day. For example, it is better not to buy the shower room with too high threshold, lest shower room floor wet slippery and carelessly fall; Those functions are more complicated.

Shower room also is not suitable for old people and children to use, it is better to consider whether the operation is convenient.

Because shower room is made of glass more, from safe and durable Angle to consider must choose strength better toughened glass makes shower room. Furthermore, it is best to ask for a factory after purchase.

Home furnishing professionals to install to avoid the problem of improper installation.

Due to the narrow space of the shower room is a relatively closed, so do not despise for its clean, especially the understanding of shower room the hardware of the widget care and overall shower room clean also


The main body of shower room is made of toughened glass, the long-term erosion of various alkaline bath water will let the glass of shower room adhere to yellow scale. When cleaning, can spray the special glass to clean.

Agent, wipe with dry cloth can be bright as new. To connect the hardware of each part of shower room, do not use any cleaner to wash, lest corrosion and affect service life. The most simple

The way is to clean the dirt and dirt with dry rags every week to keep it clean.