characteristics and types of shower room

characteristics and types of shower room

Family more and more high to the requirement of sanitary facilities, a lot of families hope to have an independent space that wash bath, but because the bedroom health space is limited, can only put bath facilities and sanitary ware in one room.

1) simple construction

The basic structure of shower room is chassis and fence. The chassis is made of ceramic, acrylic, glass steel, etc. The frame of the fence is mostly aluminum alloy and the outer coating is sprayed. There are plastic or toughened glass doors on the fence, which can be easily moved in and out. The glass is printed with a variety of spray flowers or lines. Shower head can be installed in shower room, the door pulls up when bath, water does not splash outside. The size of shower room chassis is roughly 80 80 centimeters and 90 90 centimeters two kinds, area size can be determined according to oneself need.

2) rich modeling

The shower room chassis that sells in the market besides common square, still have a variety of modelling: round, fan, diamond shape. The door that is installed on the fence is also not completely stick to common form, flexibility is bigger. Some shower room on the top of the fence with a same as frame character of beam, beam ends can be fixed on both sides of the wall, can increase the stability of shower room on one hand, on the other hand can also be used to buckwheat.

3) bright colors

The colour of shower room is much by shower room the coating color of the frame, the shower house that sells on the market now already broke through a single white, added a lot of bright colors, combined with the color of toilet, will be clean and illuminative function 2 for one. Some shower room USES the craft of sandblasting gold or sandblasting silver, colour is luxurious, but the price is relatively more expensive. Users can choose the right color according to their preferences.

4) the price difference is large.

Shower room price difference is very big, domestic shower room price is between 1500-2500 yuan, foreign entrance shower room price is between 3000-4000 yuan.

The factor that decides shower room price is many. The shape of the chassis, the thickness of the fence glass and whether or not the beams have a certain impact on the price. Chassis with square chassis is cheapest, chassis shape is irregular, mold cost is high, shower room price also can increase accordingly.

The size of the glass thickness of the fence is six per cent and nine per cent thick. The higher the thickness, the higher the price.

The top beam of shower room can have the function of steady shower room, the price is relatively more expensive.

The glass door of shower room is an important factor that decides price. Sliding door type bath door is much cheaper than open type bath door. On the one hand, if the door of push-pull type bath is frequent pull, pulley can appear wear away the phenomenon of ageing, on the other hand, door of push-pull type bath is focused on practical, and decorative type bath door is more than the car, belong to popular design, so the price will be higher.

In addition, the color of shower room, glass production craft also is to decide price difference part of reason.