Basic knowledge of simple shower room

Basic knowledge of simple shower room.

The simple shower room can be divided into two categories: frame and frame, the frame is mainly hinge door, and the frame is mostly aluminum and toughened glass, hardware of the sliding door or open door.

I. price factors. The price rise caused by inflation is more expensive for some consumers, so it is natural to prefer a simple shower room with more affordable price when choosing shower room.

2. Appearance factors. Simple shower room because of its concise and simple characteristic, very suitable bedroom area is in about 100 square meters of the family.

3. Non-standard factors. Besides can choose custom-made simple shower room, if have need, still can make the style of partition screen directly, not only small and convenient, the price also is much cheaper.

Since its inception in 2001, JZC has been focusing on the design, development, manufacture and sale of simple shower rooms, which are experts in simple shower rooms.

Glass. The choice of shower room glass, in order to assure the safety of consumer when use, must use completely toughened glass strictly. Tempered glass also has a lot of difference, decide glass to be good or bad is the equipment of glass original piece manufacturer, technology, craft, management and so on several respects.

Ii. Aluminum alloy. The best countries in the world to produce aluminum ore are in Canada, followed by China, and once again Australia, and the quality of aluminum ore in guizhou is the best in China. JZC aluminum strictly require the use of the hardness of shower room is about 13 to 14 degrees high quality aluminum, purity as high as 95%, price is high, the aluminum wall thickness 1.2 3.0 mm, in some places even reached the 4-5 mm, rigid toughening is moderate and not brittle, not easily deformation. Its tensile strength and other important indicators are superior to the national and European standards, and the non-standard size is not easily deformed, which effectively guarantees the safety of use.

Pulley. The pulley is the most important in the push and pull shower room, only the structure is reasonable, the pulley with good material is good, can protect the service life of shower room and consumer's use safety. JZC shower room from beginning to end all pay attention to the perfect matching pulley and orbit, NE and NL series using engineering plastics alloy, steel manufacturing, rotating parts is composed of 12 stainless steel beads, in swinging core part adopts stainless steel shaft and double decomposition of gravity at the same time, ensure the pulley.

4. Tape and tightness. JZC company adopts unique formula in the design, which has the characteristics of anti-ultraviolet light, cold resistance, strong flexibility and long service life. The high quality rubber strip can realize the waterproof leakage between shower room and wall and movable door, ensure the water tightness of the shower room of leiboton.

5. Bottom basin. JZC shower room USES the wear-resisting and anti-skid function of imported acrylic material, through advanced equipment and forming mould, the working procedure and special resin adhesive reinforcement shop, plus 304 stainless steel stents and adjust the device of the ground level, configuration with creeping odor-proof functions to water, make whole low basin keep dry and clean. The anti-skid function of the surface avoids slipping, allowing you to enjoy the shower.

Vi. Overall structure and hardware of the product. In terms of structure, JZC pay attention to the design of waterproof shower room and shower room adjustment function design, all products have the united wall vertical and horizontal direction adjustment function, caused by the cement and the installation can correct the deviation. A box after adjustment also has a shower room glass clamp and magnetic stripe plate design, invisible screw holes, adjust the hole a shower room USES the decoration decoration, not exposed hole location, the beauty is generous. Leiboton company designed a series of products, equipped with built-in shelves to make the shower room more user-friendly.