advantage of shower room and bath tub

Shower room because can save space, can provide good bath environment to be welcomed by people again. Shower room is good or bath is good what do you know again?

The benefits of shower.

Shower room has the characteristic that occupies small area, modelling is rich, installation is convenient, still can achieve division space, differentiate functional area the purpose, become the key project that decorates toilet.

1. Separate bath space can be divided. This can create a relatively independent bathroom space to avoid mutual influence to facilitate daily life.

2. Save space. Some home toilet space is small, can not accommodate bath croaker, and shower room can save a lot of space.

3. With shower room, the water will not splash outside when the shower is in the shower, and the floor of the whole bathroom will be wet.

4. In winter, the use of shower room can also play the role of heat preservation. The water vapor gets together in a small space, the heat does not quickly disappear, let a person feel very warm.

Shower room and bath which is good.

Contrasts in the area requirement: different families have different ways of bath, small area had better use the way of shower toilet, if toilet area is not more than 5 square metre, space is not very big, so it is best not to choose the tub. Shower room covers an area small, only the bath crock occupies an area half of area, the area that saves is right can put washing machine. If your home has a separate, spacious enough space for bathing. Suggest such a family can choose bath crock. Although shower room has the advantage such as vogue, sanitation, province, easy to clean, but in the shower choice way can differ from person to person.

The comparison of energy saving and water-saving: shower room is more convenient in use, boil water directly can bathe, but the bath crock needs to put a long time of water.

Toilet clean comparison: bath crock, although comfortable, after bath clean toilet more troublesome, wet surface is easy to fall, but more simple than in clean bath shower room, shower just simple clean up under the ground, after shower room also can realize the dry wet depart of toilet thus greatly reduce the fall may be caused by the wet.

Contrasts in the use of safe, shower room and bath crock on safety, bath use more rest assured, if the shower room to use unqualified glass partition is a burst of may and the safety of personal injury. Accordingly, the consumer is in shower room glass the best choice is the shower room of toughened explosion-proof film.