4 kind material of shower room competition

Now people decorate the bathroom equipment demand is higher and higher, we both need to have an independent shower room, but due to the limited space that defend bath, the bathroom equipment and sanitary ware in one room only. Shower room can be designed inside a corner, form independent shower space, and achieve wet and dry separation. Next is to introduce the shower room what material is good and shower room glass clean skill.

Shower room what material good?

1. Moisture-proof board

Moistureproof board is also called melamine plate, using multilayer characteristics of fiber material, soaked by phenolic resin, and then through high heat high suppression and become, very suitable for damp environment use, mainly because of moistureproof board of wood fiber and special moistureproof agent, the cross section under water swelling degree is extremely low, is the first selection of bathroom decoration materials.

2, PVC plate

Material variety of shower room, on the market at present is one of the PVC board, PVC board has many characteristics, such as waterproof, thermal insulation, sound insulation, flame retardant, and processing is superior performance, the material such as wood, aluminum, composite board is ideal substitute.

3. Toughened glass.

To make the shower room with toughened glass, can improve the strength of shower room, put pressure on the glass surface, and glass bears offset above all when outside force surface layer stress, so as to improve the bearing capacity, enhance the wind resistance glass itself, through sex, impact, etc.

4. Metal materials

Use shower room is made of metal material is very common, advantages of many metal materials, energy saving, easy installation, waterproof, it is not easy deformation, high strength, etc, even by the impact of the external force, also can keep its shape is not easy to change.

Shower room glass cleaning technique.

1. Wash the shower room glass with a dishcloth, so that the shower room glass is clean and bright.

2. Apply gypsum powder to the glass of shower room. When the glass is dry, wash it directly with the cloth, remove stains and dry the glass.

3. For the stain on the corner of the glass door, you can mix it with vinegar and water and spray it on the glass, then gently wipe it with the old newspaper.