3C quality of galss shower room in present market

The quality and safety of shower room makes people worry about the 3C certification when buying

At present, it is the peak of home decoration, the shower room, computer steam room and other products are favored by many consumers. But are these glass showers, and the use of water and electricity in a confined space?

Tempered glass = explosion-proof glass?

Whether simple shower room or computer steam, glass is an indispensable material, glass quality relates to the safety of shower room and steam room. During the investigation, almost all the sales staff said their products were toughened glass and very safe. But for why tempered glass is safe, few salespeople can explain it, and even sales staff explain that tempered glass is explosion-proof glass.

But the claim was quickly denied by another salesman. "Every piece of glass, no matter how much it has to have a 3C mark, that's really toughened glass," said the shower room salesman at longs. And those that do not have a 3C certification mark may not be tempered glass, but semi-tempered or non-tempered glass. He also explained that toughened glass does not equal flameproof glass. "Explosion-proof glass is between two layers of glass coated with a layer of glue, once a hit from outside force, crack of glass is just like a spider web, does not appear to pieces, that was a blast, but do not have toughened glass explosion-proof function." Although the tempered glass is not explosion-proof and has a three-thousand-percent self-detonation rate, "the self-detonation of tempered glass generally occurs when cooling is not controlled, and when it is formed, it will not implode." He explained that only the edges of the tempered glass could break. "But it's just broken into granule bits, unlike ordinary glass."

See the 3C logo

In the market, in addition to appear in the 3 c certification mark on the toughened glass, a salesman's statement, and product design, specification, picture album, journalists often cannot see other industries can meet the quality certification of such certificate or honorary certificate or product certificate of authentic materials. All consumer information about the product can only be derived from the introduction of the salesman, and can't tell the difference. Faced with this situation, a consumer helplessly sighed: "how can I believe him?"

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