It might seem like a small detail, but taking time to find the right shower curtain can make all the difference. So don’t just settle for another plain-Jane option. Check out our handy tips and learn how to pick the right shower curtain to suit your style and space.


Pottery Barn fabric shower curtains give a sense of polish to a bathroom and are suitable for any shower in your house, from the master bedroom to a less frequently-used guest bathroom. However, take note that fabric shower curtains are often made using high-quality materials like organic cotton - that are not water repellent so you will need to purchase a waterproof liner. Even if the shower is only used a few times a year, the liner will make sure the rest of your bathroom stays clean and dry.


Don’t be afraid to make a splash. After all, the curtain is a part of your home so it should be something you enjoy. Choose a design that appeals to your personal style and builds a cohesive aesthetic in the bathroom. For example, your shower curtain and bath mat don’t always have to match perfectly, but keeping your choices in the same color family ensures the overall look works well as a whole.